Kotak Institutional Equities (KIE), a division of Kotak Securities, is among India's leading institutional brokers. The division covers secondary market broking and markets Indian equity offerings, including IPOs, to domestic and foreign institutional investors (FIIs). KIE services more than 250 clients including FIIs, domestic institutions and mutual funds and KIE's affiliates have offices in Mumbai, Singapore, Dubai, London and New York. KIE has a full-fledged research division, engaged in macro-economic studies, and industry- and company-specific equity research. The research unit is led by a core team of experienced and highly-ranked analysts, focused on providing sustainable, selective and scalable stories to KIE clients. KIE's research is highly ranked by fund managers all over the world for its in-depth modeling, width of coverage and investment insights.

KIE offers its clients extensive corporate access through Kotak Mahindra Group's array of corporate products and services. In particular, KIE leverages the benefits of Kotak Mahindra Bank's corporate banking division. Through Kotak Mahindra Bank, KIE's clients can address their trading needs through a single window that also offers access to Professional Clearing Member (PCM) services and custodial services.


Ravi Iyer - Managing Director on the board of Kotak Securities and Co-head KIE
Sanjeev Prasad - Managing Director on the board of Kotak Mahindra (UK) Ltd and Co-head KIE 

  • Kawaljeet Saluja - Senior Executive Director and Head, KIE Research
  • Anshuman Ghose - Executive Director - Trading, KIE


Kotak Institutional Equities has a full-fledged research division engaged in macro-economic studies, industry and company-specific equity research. The 26-strong research unit is led by a core team of experienced and highly-ranked analysts focused on providing sustainable, selective and scalable stories to KIE clients. KIE research is highly ranked by fund managers around the world for its in-depth modeling, width of coverage and investment insights. A comprehensive research bouquet includes the India Daily morning bulletin, company updates, sectoral reports, macro economy and strategy reports, stock ownership updates, thematic reports and customized solutions for clients. KIE's coverage universe includes 194 stocks. KINSITE, the online research archive of KIE, gives institutional clients access to research reports, valuation summaries, short models, Top-10 picks and interactive quant tools.


KIE Sales team has a 13-strong team dedicated to marketing Indian equities to institutional buyers across multiple geographies. The team services a range of clients that includes Indian and foreign institutional investors, mutual funds, insurance companies and regional funds in India, the Middle East, Hong Kong, Singapore, US, UK and the rest of Europe. The sales team works closely with KIE's highly rated research team to deliver investment ideas to clients and to provide unparalleled corporate access through flagship events. KIE's corporate access calendar includes regular events - corporate and policy maker roadshows, meeting forums, site visits - for investors in all its key geographies. These events through the year supplement KIE's annual global investor conference held every year in India, a mega event that brings investors across the table from more than 100 companies, policy makers and strategists. KIE Sales has a successful track record in executing primary market offerings, QIPs and follow-on offerings.

Sales Trading

The institutional sales trading desk team comprises highly experienced professionals in institutional equities focused on high quality execution. The desk has wide global coverage, with accounts across several geographies. It provides technologically-superior trading services, including algorithmic trading and FIX trading platforms. We have dedicated and specialized teams for both equity and equity derivatives trading. In addition, the sales trading team complements the sales and research teams in providing a full service suite of investment ideas and world-class execution platform. Apart from its execution capabilities, the team also has a strong research front offering a bouquet of daily research reports, market views and updates.

Execution Services

Kotak Institutional Equities (KIE) provides institutional clients with comprehensive execution services for Indian equities and derivatives markets across NSE and BSE KIE's electronic trading platform is integrated with a choice of global service providers enabling us to set up clients quickly. Our systems enable clients to access Indian markets in real time with low latency and high access. Highlights:

  • Single-touch execution: KIE clients can access our specialized sales and trading services through FIX-enabled networks. KIE's sales and trading teams monitor the executions, source liquidity from amongst the clients/companies and alter execution strategy in real time. KIE facilitates trading in (1) Cash Equities and (2) Futures and Options.

  • Direct Market Access: KIE's DMA trading platform also enables clients to trade on the NSE and BSE directly. Our DMA is integrated with our back office and risk management systems.

  • Algorithmic trading: KIE has received approvals for its algo suite from the stock exchanges and continues to pursue approvals from stock exchanges for algorithms under development. KIE also offers fully automated spreads and arbitrage algorithms.

Industry Recognition

Kotak Institutional Equities consistently figures in the top league of rankings by investors and industry bodies for its broking services in India. The division also has several analysts who are highly ranked in broker polls.

In Institutional Investor's Survey of broking firms 2016, KIE's top performers are:


Abhishek Poddar - Basic Materials
Kawaljeet Saluja - Information Technology
Murtuza Arsiwalla - Power
Nischint Chawathe - Financials/Non Banks
Samar Sarda - Real Estate
Sanjeev Prasad - Strategy

Chirag Talati - Healthcare & Pharma
Harish Bihani - Capital Goods
MB Mahesh - Financials/Banks

Hitesh Goel - Auto & Auto Parts

Jaykumar Doshi - Media
Rohit Chordia - Consumer Discretionary
Rohit Chordia - Consumer Staples
Rohit Chordia - Telecommunications


Kawaljeet Saluja - Semiconductors and semiconductor equipment
Nischint Chawathe - Diversified Financials
Rohit Chordia - Telecom
Harish Bihani - Industrials
Samar Sarda - Real Estate
Overall Country Research
Best Local Brokerage

Kawaljeet Saluja - Software, Internet & Services
Rohit Chordia - Consumer Discretionary
Rohit Chordia - Consumer Staples
Chirag Talati - Healthcare

M.B. Mahesh - Banks
Nischint Chawathe - Insurance
Sanjeev Prasad - Strategy
Tarun Lakhotia - Energy
Most Independent Research Brokerage

Murtuza Arsiwalla - Materials

Best Local Brokerage - 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006.
India's Best Local Brokerage - for the 11th year in a row

Besides, KIE also won

  • Best Domestic Equity House over the last 20 years, FinanceAsia Platinum Awards 
  • Best Domestic Equity House by Asiamoney - 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2011, 2010, 2009 & 2008 
  • Best Broker in India by FinanceAsia - 2015, 2014, 2012, 2010, 2009, 2007, 2006 
  • Best Equity House in India by FinanceAsia - 2014, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2008