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Green Hydrogen: Hope + Hype

It is an undeniable fact that our planet is getting warmer. In order for it to stay habitable, GHG emissions must be drastically reduced. Although renewables have enormous potential and will never exhaust, they lack the flexibility of fossil fuels, making the transition a difficult one. In this primer, we discuss how the versatility of Hydrogen (H2) brings us great promise and hope. Green hydrogen (GH) can make the energy transition faster and smoother. As costs fall, it may be competitive with H2 from fossil sources, but we acknowledge the hype around it currently. H2 is difficult to handle; it would also require incentives/carbon taxes, along with mandatory usage obligations. GH would likely initially find usage in refining/fertilizers, but will be more inefficient than BEVs for mass transport.



PWM rules: How vulnerable are consumer companies?

India has introduced mandatory regulations for the recycling and reuse of plastic packaging starting from FY2025 to control the plastic waste menace. Note that the country is the third-largest plastic waste generator globally. While, in terms of handling the plastic waste problem, these new laws may put India ahead in the global league, on the other hand, they will increase the packaging costs of consumer staple companies. In our view, Britannia, Colgate and Nestle will be the most impacted companies in our coverage.

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